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Published by YIBI Oct-24-2018

What the characteristic of stainless steel bracelet

Stainless steel bracelets are always impressive, especially in the season of love, giving the woman a stylish stainless steel bracelet that always gets more good. Then, the exquisite stainless steel bracelets generally have an obvious theme in design style, which is one of the reasons why many po...

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Steel Jewelry factory

Published by YIBI Oct-04-2018

2018 YIBI Steel Jewelry factory New Product Launch Feast

2018 YIBI Steel Jewelry factory New Product Launch Feast YIBI Steel Jewelry factory Together witnessed a new product launch conference with the new technology, new design, and new products as the core. All categories of new products for sale. YIBI Jewelry has dedicated a feast of craftsmanship an...

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gold plated stainless steel rings

Published by YIBI Aug-27-2018

Do you like gold plated stainless steel rings

We are stainless steel rings manufacturer, mainly providing OEM and ODM services for stainless steel rings. Most of our customers are international watch and jewelry brands. The sales of gold plated stainless steel rings designed by them are very huge. Hence, they have very high requirements for ...

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surgical stainless steel earrings

Published by YIBI Aug-18-2018

Why do people like surgical stainless steel earrings?

According to official Google data, every month for terms related to surgical stainless steel earrings up to 10,000 on Google, with an average of more than 300 people searching for surgical stainless steel earrings every day. What is the reason for this high search volume? YIBI stainless steel jew...

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China stainless steel jewelry manufacturer

Published by YIBI Aug-17-2018


Who are you? This is the question you maybe asked by some new customers. You might not hear that directly from others, but you can feel that and you would like to introduce yourself when you meet customer at first time. YIBI Jewelry is a reputable and reliable OEM & ODM stainless steel jewe...

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316L stainless steel jewelry manufacturer

Published by YIBI Aug-17-2018

What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel jewelry?

At present, 316L stainless steel jewelry is now popular and loved by many fashionable people, because 316L stainless steel jewelry not only has good color, but also has many advantages. Now, stainless steel jewelry manufacturer, YIBI Jewelry will help you to understand the specific advantages of ...

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