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Crystal Glass Stones | Jewelry Factory

Published by YIBI Sep-26-2019

Crystal Glass Stones

Besides of the CZ (cubic zirconia), there are other crystal stones we often use on the jewelry, such as crystal glass, the most famous one is SWAROVSKI and Preciosa. The difference between CZ and crystal glass is the material. CZ is zirconium dioxide, crystal glass is is produced by melting a mi...

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Bead Bracelets | OEM Jewelry Manufacturer

Published by YIBI Aug-15-2019

Bead Bracelets

Many people know Pandora’s bracelet, which is famous for its charms. With it’s popular, more and more brands start to make some similar design, that’s is bead bracelets. Bead bracelets can be made by different materials, such as black onyx or Agate beads, Sodalite beads, Red or Yellow Tiger...

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Stainless steel Sandblast Jewelry Manufacturer

Published by YIBI Aug-01-2019

What is Sandblasting or Sandblast?

An artificial sandblasting process was patented by Benjamin Chew Tilghman on 18 October 1870. Sandblasting is a generic term for the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds; the effect is similar to that of using san...

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Brushed Titanium Cross Necklace Manufacturer

Published by YIBI Jun-01-2019

Men’s Brushed Titanium Cross Necklace

Men’s brushed titanium cross necklaces make great gifts for just about any occasion. Whatever your man’s style, you can choose from the men’s brushed titanium cross necklaces available to fill just about any bill for design, style, and of course, long-lasting wear. There are ma...

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Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Earrings Manufacturer

Published by YIBI May-31-2019

What is Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?

Cubic Zirconia, once the cheap outcast of jewelry manufacturers, has begun to gain popularity as a beautiful artificial gem. It can be found in any number of different pieces and designs, often for far less expense than similar jewelry with natural stones. Its durability and flexibility make it a...

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316L Stainless Steel CZ Jewelry Supplier

Published by YIBI May-31-2019

Does CZ Have a Future in Your Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) jewelry sparkles like diamonds, but at a fraction of the price. If you’re in the mood for more jewelry but your budget can’t handle the cost of expensive gemstones, cubic zirconia pendants, earrings, rings, and more may be able to give you the look you want at a pr...

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