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CNC is short for Computer numerical control, is a programmed automatic machine tool. The control system can logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, which is decoded by the computer so that the machine tool can perform the specified action, and the blank can be processed into semi-finished parts by cutting tools.

CNC jewelry

Generally speaking, CNC is a process is not a style, CNC process is the index control processing process.CNC jewelry we say is to apply CNC processing technology to jewelry processing so that the production of jewelry is collectively known as “CNC jewelry”.


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Actually CNC is not a new product, as early as many years ago was widely used in the European and American jewelry watch manufacturing industry. Like jewelry international first-line brand: Cartier, Bulgari, etc., is through the CNC process applied to the classic build, and then successfully established the high-end quality brand image. And the dial of Switzerland watches that famous world also is to come out all the time with CNC craft car.CNC jewelry advantage lies in: the use of computer programming to design jewelry patterns and precision machine tools through the realization of CNC precision turning flowers. High fineness, good symmetry, stable quality, the rich variation of patterns and imagination space, these are the characteristics and advantages of CNC jewelry.

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CNC is widely used in all walks of life, cars, machinery, mobile phones and so on. In recent years, the domestic jewelry industry is also more and more to apply technology products. The factory is studying and improving CNC jewelry processing technology, so as to change the traditional jewelry production mode and realize intelligent production of jewelry. In the early stage, it was applied to male ring and lovers ring, and then it was applied to various jewelry products successively.

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