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Cubic Zirconia Takes Its Place in Jewelry History

1,230 Published by YIBI May-31-2019

In 1977, Russian scientists discovered how to actually grow these crystals using a synthetic process. They named their synthetic crystals Djevalite. It was under this name that they began to market them as simulated diamonds.

Djevalite never really impacted the jewelry marketplace. In fact, it was sometime later in the 1980s when these substitutes for diamonds became fashionable. That was thanks to the world-renowned maker of fine lead crystals, Swarovski, jumping into the market with its own version of Cubic Zirconia. Swarovski coined the abbreviated term CZ for cubic zirconia. This was the jumpstart this crystal needed. It was nearly 90 years after it was first discovered that CZ became a popular and cheaper substitute for real diamond jewelry.

Cubic Zirconia Takes Its Place in Jewelry History

Manufacturers feel they have an ongoing mission to improve the appearance of Cubic Zirconia and enhance its resemblance to diamonds. One of the newer innovations is the application of a finishing coat with a compound known as DLC (diamond-like carbon). Another popular coating is amorphous diamond. Manufacturers claim that both of these coatings reinforce the hardness of the CZ (cubic zirconia) and also enhance its luster.CZ has two things that prevent it from having an identical appearance to diamonds. It has more fire than a diamond and sparkles in rainbow colors. It also has a lower refractive index than a diamond. The two new coatings are said to contain properties that make CZ more diamond-like by dulling the fire and improving the refractive index, closing the gap between diamonds and CZs.

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